About this blog

Welcome to cantstandstill.com,

I am Joe born in November 1981 in Germany. Over the last 5 years I lived in the US and the UK and developed a real passion for traveling. Being fortunate to have traveled some around the world already made me realize how lucky I was under the circumstances I grew up. After 7 years of working I wanted to leave the Corporate World behind me and combine my passion for traveling with volunteer work to try to give something back. This resulted in the following general plan:

- Aug 2011: Ecuador: Volunteering for 3 months in a orphanage in Santo Domingo
- Nov 2011: Colombia: Traveling
- Dec 2011: Venezuela: Traveling
- Dec/Jan 2011/2012: Spend some time at home with family and friends
- Jan 2012: Cambodia: Volunteering for 3 months in a school in Banlung
- Apr 2012: Laos: Traveling
- May 2012: Vietnam: Traveling
- Jun 2012: Australia: Learn surfing
- Jul 2012: Fiji: Volunteering/Traveling
- Aug 2012: Alaska: Traveling ( to fullfil a life dream trekking through the stunning nature of Alaska)
- Sep 2012: New York City / London: to visit friends
- Oct 2012: Arrive back home and then ??????

Realizing that I am very fortunate to be be able to take off a year and travel the world I want to especially thank my parents, my sister and my brother and his family as well as my friends all over the world who gave me a different perspective in life and who are all together the backbone for my travels. Thank You !!!

While this blog was initially geared towards my family and friends so they can see what I am up to, it has now over time morphed into a wider scope with a travel-tips and social projects side. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and am thankful for any comments or suggestions you have.


P.S.: In case you are wondering how the name of this blog came up. Thinking about a good blog-name for weeks I asked a lot a friends and colleagues about any suggestions and opinions.  Having decided on a name I come into the office one day and want to sign-up for the domain but just have another chat with my colleague Dave about it - who calls the name "XXX" and says why don't you just call it "Can't stand still" - cause you certainly can't stand/sit still for a second....