Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye Venezuela - Hello Good old Germany

5 days ago I arrived after another 30 hour journey (at least this time not all spent in a single bus :-)) in Germany and it is great to be back home to see family and friend, to have some cold weather, eat German food and talk in your native language :-).
The last week in Venezuela was as the others before beautiful - Coro with its Sand-Dunes and Choroni with beautiful beaches were on the schedule after spending some time in Merida a adventure city in the venezuelian mountains (not really a great place to visit) but Coro and Choroni were definately worth a trip - have a look for yourself:
- One comment to the pictures - the snapshot of the gas-pump is real... Gas is heavily subsidised in Venezuela + Venezuela has plenty of oil so 26 liters of gas costs 0,58 US$ (no joke) on the official exchange-rate - if you would exchange on the illegal exchange it would actually be even less something like 0,33 US$ - a dream considering a liter gas in Germany costs 1,87 US$.

Btw. Merry belated Christmas to everybody out there and a Happy New Year - I am sure I will post again before leaving on to the 2nd leg of my travels and adventures: Asia - on the 8th of January I will be arriving in Cambodia to volunteer again for 3 months !!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Venezuela un bonito pais....

So after 2 weeks in Venezuela I finally got to upload some pictures. After a week on the beach in Margaritha Island, the Angel Falls (highest Waterfall in the world) was up on the schedule and it was breathtaking - see for yourself !! After 2 days in the area the I went another 2 days to the Orinoco Delta (a Amazon like area) enjoying some good food a very relaxed lifestyle and got attacked by tons of mosquitos :-)... By now I am in Merida and the next stop is Coro... but for thonight - Salsa dancing is on the schedule :-)

P.S.: I got tons of comments on my "colorful" pants.... :-) Guys I didnt buy them as regular pants they are beach-pants but as every jungle-trip includes crossings of rivers that is the most practical outfit to go in - so have mercy ;-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After a 30 hour bus-trip including 2 landslides, some corrupt soldiers and a bit nerv-wercking swedish travel-compian I made it to Caracas in one piece. Caracas itself doesnt have a lot to offer - in fact it looks like one big Slum - so after 1 day the trip went on to Mageritha Island for 5 days of beach and sunshine.... next stop on Thursday is the Angel Falls and I am sure I will than have some pictures to put online.....


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Goodbye Colombia - Hello Venezuela..

After 4 amazing weeks in Colombia I will be going on a 24 hour bus ride tomorrow to go to Caracas and start exploring Venezuela. The last 3 days in the beautiful country I spent at Tayrona national park - which is a great beach park on the carribean coast of Colombia. See for yourself:

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ciudad Perdida !

The last 5 days I was hiking to the "Lost City" - 5 days of more or less hard hiking in stunning nature! Walking in "tropical" rain, crossing rivers up to hip-hight, tropical heat so that you sweat like you actually think it rained on you, constantly wet feet, shoes and cloth.... But as we had a great group formed of a Spaniard, an Austrian, two swedish Girls and a super-tranquilo guide everything was bareable !!!

Great times guys and hopefully see you again !!

P.S.: Yes guys I know you will make fun of my lovely dress code :-)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Is a beautiful country - and I have to admit I think I fell in love with it by now !! The people are welcoming and open, it is safe (contraer to what people usually think of Colombia), it has beautiful cities, stunning nature and great food.
After my days on the coffee finca I went to the party town Medellin, which has not much to offer other than stunningly beautiful women and parties until the morning (this is not a complaint - those two factors are fine with me :-)), so after a weekend of good parties I moved on to Cartagena, which is a beautiful colonial city and worth a trip to Colombia itself:

I wanted to dedicate this post entry also to a former co-worker of mine - Clayton Bell - who passed away yesterday caused by lung cancer. Clayton was a person never short of a smile, always helping and up for any fun or serious talk when you needed. The world lost a great person !! Rest in Peace Clayton !!