Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Half time

.... already - which is unbelievable !! I experienced so much new things and there is still so much to encounter... not just in Ecuador but also throughout the year. Bring it on :-)
I now made the decision that in November and December I will be back-packing up north through Columbia and Venezuela and the planning started :-)
Until the next time I will leave you with some more pics of the Kids and my fellow volunteers...

Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank you....

...Maria and Hans !!

Who were kindly donating donated 150$ to buy new cuttlery, cups and plates for the kids here at Casa Hogar de Jesus.
We have about 60 kids eat here every day but not enough cuttlery and plates to have them eat at the samt time, which creates loads of troubles (mainly fights on who eats first even though there is more than enough for everybody) so we eat in shifts. With Marias and Hans donation we are now able to fit all the kids into one shift !!!

Other than that nothing much else is new... routine is about to set-in as in going to school in the mornings to teach English, than play with the kids in the afternoon and help out where I can in the evenings.... (e.g. set-up beds in homes of needing families, help organizing some fund-raising, etc.) and then try to see as much as possible on the weekends... this coming weekend we are going to go to the coastal region to relax on the beach and zip on a Caiprhina or two :-)

Hasta luego and Thanks again to Maria and Hans