Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I can't believe...

...that only two months ago I was sitting in an office chair in London and now I am the fourth week in Ecuador and am loving every bit of it! For example:
- The 16 hour rides in a little "busetta" to reunite a kid with his family and see that everything is good order for him.
- The reggaton and salsa music which plays in every corner of this country
- Nights up on 3000+x meters hight where you think you can grab a star so clear and close they appear
- Play Football/Basketball and American Football with the kids about every day
- Teaching teenagers at a local highschool basic Rules of American Football (btw. if anybody wants to contribute to a shipment of 20 American Footballs let me know)
- be surrounded by stunning nature
- eat fried pork, fried plantains and drink sugar cain lemonade... to die for....
- eat the fruit flesh of a cacau plant, chewed sugar chain, ate a fruit which makes everything you eat afterwards sweet for example salt or a lime....
- and much much more.....Joe

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First true blog-entry

This time I got a bit more time to write a blog entry. After spending the weekend at the orphanage with a smaller group of kids (some of them got somewhat of a family with whom they spend the weekends with until they are ready to be re-united) I hit the ground full speed this week.
This Monday I started tutoring the orphanage employees in English (Mon - Wed - Fri) - which then got extended right away into a teaching job at a local high-school which I am going to now for 2 hours every day to teach English. At the same time I got asked to set-up a webpage for the orphanage... all along the regular tours... so my days are packed now. Todays schedule was for example:
05:00: Get up for 45 minutes work-out
06:00: Get breakfast ready for 40 kids and than sit at a table with 10 of them, trying to keep the order ;-)
07:00.: Join the tour to drop the kids at the school (20 kids in a bus for 10 people - horror :-))
08:00: Tutor orphanage employees for an hour
10:00: Teach English at a local high-school
13:00: Eat lunch with 10 kids at a table and still try to keep the order (which never works)
14:00: Play with the kids for an hour
15:00: Work at the webpage
19:00: Eat dinner with 10 different kids and still try to keep the order
20:00: Play with the little ones of the kids (they mainly have me run around with them on the back)
20:30: Spend 30 minutes with the middle-little-ones practicing english
21:00: Play football with the teenagers

This is physically much harder than a normal working day, but I am really enjoying my time over here - it is great to be around so many kids - though nerve-wrecking at times :-)

Hasta luego

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Now as the first week is over i got finally the time to get my internet access sorted...
I arrived a week ago and there are loads and loads of new impressions.... the live over here is simple but good, it is loads of fun to be around so many kids (about 60 between 5 years old up to 18) but exhausting at times as you got no time to yourself.... enclosed some first impressions....