Saturday, August 6, 2011


Now as the first week is over i got finally the time to get my internet access sorted...
I arrived a week ago and there are loads and loads of new impressions.... the live over here is simple but good, it is loads of fun to be around so many kids (about 60 between 5 years old up to 18) but exhausting at times as you got no time to yourself.... enclosed some first impressions....


  1. super, dass du gut gelandet bist!! hatte mir schon sorgen gemacht - fast eine woche keine lebensmeldung... war kurz davor, bei deinen eltern anzurufen. da hätte ich mich ja auch gleih für die leckere wurst bedanken können... die übrigens längst alle ist :)

    alles gute. bin gespannt, von deinen abenteuern zu lesen.

    big hug

  2. great pictures Joe! I'll be following. Bring back some recipes!

  3. Miss you, Joe. Glad you got there safely and are 'settled'. Those kids are a lucky bunch :)

    xo Rupes

  4. Ola, Have fun primo..looks much more exciting than the office :-)

    PS: in case you need anything in Ecuador jus friend has some good connections there and family too.


  5. Nice to see that you've ditched the German translation... English all the way baby !

    Great to finally see where you ended up - it looks pretty nice (I was expecting it to be more like a jungle :-)

    So what kind of 'work' are you doing out there - besides playing football !?