Thursday, August 11, 2011

First true blog-entry

This time I got a bit more time to write a blog entry. After spending the weekend at the orphanage with a smaller group of kids (some of them got somewhat of a family with whom they spend the weekends with until they are ready to be re-united) I hit the ground full speed this week.
This Monday I started tutoring the orphanage employees in English (Mon - Wed - Fri) - which then got extended right away into a teaching job at a local high-school which I am going to now for 2 hours every day to teach English. At the same time I got asked to set-up a webpage for the orphanage... all along the regular tours... so my days are packed now. Todays schedule was for example:
05:00: Get up for 45 minutes work-out
06:00: Get breakfast ready for 40 kids and than sit at a table with 10 of them, trying to keep the order ;-)
07:00.: Join the tour to drop the kids at the school (20 kids in a bus for 10 people - horror :-))
08:00: Tutor orphanage employees for an hour
10:00: Teach English at a local high-school
13:00: Eat lunch with 10 kids at a table and still try to keep the order (which never works)
14:00: Play with the kids for an hour
15:00: Work at the webpage
19:00: Eat dinner with 10 different kids and still try to keep the order
20:00: Play with the little ones of the kids (they mainly have me run around with them on the back)
20:30: Spend 30 minutes with the middle-little-ones practicing english
21:00: Play football with the teenagers

This is physically much harder than a normal working day, but I am really enjoying my time over here - it is great to be around so many kids - though nerve-wrecking at times :-)

Hasta luego


  1. omg... so jealous!! Enjoy! =)


  2. Sounds like a rigorous schedule buddy! How do you manage to wake up at 5am to work out?? Where you get all the energy - I will never figure out! But that's what makes you incredibly unique - your passion, your sincerity, and your determiniation! Stay strong and keep blogging! We'll be staying tuned..

    BTW - Nice photography! The pics are excellent! And the little kids so cute!

    Your buddy,


  3. I got tired just reading the post LOL.
    Sounds awesome though. It is truly an amazing experience and I can't wait for the entries to come. The pictures are awesome!

  4. Heya,
    the kids are soo cute - when the weather gets bad here I think I'll fly in to help you ;)
    hope you're doing good and it's great you're busy all day - no time to think or to complain!

  5. Hey there!

    Sounds great. I am jealous. Take it easy.