Thursday, July 28, 2011

T-4... last week in Germany....

... it is the last couple of days back home before I am gonna fly out to Ecuador... everything I need is purchased, all insurances clarified and I am starting to itch to leave this place and start the adventure... can't believe that this picture was only taken one month ago on my way out of the office :-) My corporate life in a nutshell :-) Blackberry, dbRas Key, US- Germany- and UK ID and two laptops in a locker :-)


  1. Joe - wish you all the best. There are only a handful of people today who really pursue what they truly desire.. seldom do we think of giving back - I am glad you are one of them. Will keep in touch and look forward to reading more about your adventures and experiences. All the best - good luck. Be good and be safe.

    Keep writing

  2. All the best Joe!!! Wishing you God's guidance and safety as you start this amazing journey and a lifetime of memories!!! Can't wait to read about all your adventures!!! HAVE A BLAST!!!! and BE SAFE!!!