Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I can't believe...

...that only two months ago I was sitting in an office chair in London and now I am the fourth week in Ecuador and am loving every bit of it! For example:
- The 16 hour rides in a little "busetta" to reunite a kid with his family and see that everything is good order for him.
- The reggaton and salsa music which plays in every corner of this country
- Nights up on 3000+x meters hight where you think you can grab a star so clear and close they appear
- Play Football/Basketball and American Football with the kids about every day
- Teaching teenagers at a local highschool basic Rules of American Football (btw. if anybody wants to contribute to a shipment of 20 American Footballs let me know)
- be surrounded by stunning nature
- eat fried pork, fried plantains and drink sugar cain lemonade... to die for....
- eat the fruit flesh of a cacau plant, chewed sugar chain, ate a fruit which makes everything you eat afterwards sweet for example salt or a lime....
- and much much more.....Joe


  1. Uhm... all I got out of this is that you're spending all your time eating and playing sports. Shocker! Hahah, you're the best Joe - miss you lots :) xo rupes

  2. yo...good to know you are having fun...and nice pics (that butterfly is that real or you photoshopped it?)

    do you still need contribution for those footballs?

    - Sumit

  3. Ai ai ai..sugar cane lemonade :-], quite the opp end of the spectrum from your recent Ja__er diet. Good stuff bro..and btw that is some bad ass gym equipment.. Keep it real.. :)


  4. Nice to see you haven't been robbed of your camera just yet ! How are you doing the American Football collection - PayPal ?

    P.s. you're English has fallen off a cliff in the past 4 weeks... are you speaking Spanish instead now ?!