Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Break from Banlung....

After 2 months being here in Banlung I took a break for the last 1.5 weeks of this remote city to see more of Cambodia, visit two friends weddings and go to Thailand to meet my dear friend Tim. I will spare you the details of the Cambodian weddings number 7 and 8 (it seems like I will be able to attend more weddings within the 3 months I am here than in the whole 30 years before that :-)) but attached some pictures so you can get an impression.
The wedding ceremony is traditionally hold in the living room of the brides parents house so the set-up is quite small... and yes in one of the pictures it was time for me to get dressed up as a groom - but no worries I didn't get married :-). A good experience but after 8 Cambodian weddings I think I am through with the topic as all of them are exactly the same scheme, same food and even the groom and bride outfits seem to be standardized throughout Cambodia... which makes the weddings quite monoton :-)

I then visited my directors family and the number 1 attraction in Cambodia - Angkor Wat... a truly amazing sight this is and the temple complex is huge so that you can easily spend 2 days just wondering around seeing all temples... at the same time I experienced great Cambodian hospitality from my directors family who were just amazing.

 After Siem Reap I took a bus to Bangkok to meet up with my friend Tim and enjoy some days off back in "civilization". That sounds more drastic than it is - but it was nice to be able to sit down, have a coffee, read a newspaper, going out partying etc.

Updates on the wells will follow soon !!!

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