Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi Everybody,

after several serious entries I think it is time for just a regular update of what actually is going on here. The last 3 weeks in Cambodia have started and somehow this stay is coming way to quick to an end. Whilst at times this place can be lonely, it has been more than great to live here. I can not mention this often enough, how much the people here make the difference.

The last weeks have been a bit of a roller coaster - while the "well-project" hit the ground full speed and I was busy with trying to find help for one of my students - my marathon project had to be put on break as I got a vocal-cord infection from the teaching. So I wasn't able to run for the last 3 weeks which is a major set-back in my training-plan and certainly annoyed me. But finger crossed - I will start running tomorrow morning again.

Well, there are 2 weeks left and still a lot to do, before I will move on to Vietnam where I will be traveling with a friend of mine, Chris, who just quit his job and got 3 months "off". We will travel for a month before I will embark on the big marathon-project in Singapore.

Enclosed some snapshots I took over the past couple of weeks. Cambodian Moto driving "art" (even though those are not the extreme cases, as those  always pass you when you don't have your camera ready) and a picture of mine documenting how desperately Cambodians want to be "white" while we want to have a sun-tan....

So long....

P.S.: A big thank you to my grandmothers neighbors Franziska and Genovefa who were moved by Rosicas story and gave money to help her re-financing her hearing aid.

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