Thursday, January 26, 2012

I will be running my first Marathon!

In Zurich
This Christmas I met my friend Markus, who lives in Shanghai and I haven't seen in a year, in Zurich for a short lunch and walk before he was back off to Shanghai again. We originally thought we would not see each other for at least another year, but during our lunch we came up with the idea to run a Marathon together in 2012. Objective: FINISH IT ! No time target as it will be the first Marathon for both of us. To ensure we would take it serious we agreed a penalty if one of us is not showing up at the starting line (and should not be injured). What the penalty is stays confidential and will only be released in case one of us is actually fit and not showing up at the starting line. Following up on this conversation we now are targeting the Singapore Marathon on May 26th - mark that date!! 
As the "game is on" and I am determined to finish my first marathon, I started my training schedule a week ago, which looks as follows for now:
- Monday: 6km morning run
Markus and me
- Tuesday: Gym workout (no legs - and yes I in fact found a gym here in the middle of nowhere - OK it deserves more the name "living room with weights" but it does the trick)
- Wednesday: 6km morning run
- Thursday: Gym workout (no legs)
- Friday: 6km morning run
- Saturday: Long run over 1,5 hours (have to test this and see how much km I get run in that time) and playing Volleyball with Cambodians
- Sunday: Gym workout (no legs)

A bit extreme one might think - but everybody who knows me, knows that I have worked out even more before and as I have lost a lot a weight over the last 6 months I now want to know what I can get out of this 30 year old body :-)

Wish me luck

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