Wednesday, October 3, 2012

There is no other place like home...

This is it !!! I am back home and my travels are over. Exactly a week ago I arrived back home in Reutlingen after a quick stop over in London to see my friends there. It was great to see everybody over there as well... London and New York will always have a spot in my life mainly for the friends I have made over there.

It feels great to be back home and being finally able to relax my mind after 14 months of traveling (as one is always "on guard" when traveling), enjoy spending time with my family and friends, enjoy Mams cooking (Mams cooking is always the best :-) ) and enjoy all the conviniences life in Germany brings with it.... I will write something (hopefully) more meaningful over the next couple of days, for now I will set out to see my brothers family, nephews and my nice who I haven`t meet yet.

Stay tuned....

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