Monday, September 17, 2012

My 2nd home...

After a stunning month in Alaska I am now on my way back home with stop-overs in New York and London to visit friends and family.
The last 2 weeks I spent in my 2nd home the concrete Jungle New York which is quite a contrast program from wide and open spaced nature in Alaska and I at first had to get used to it again. But what can I say, New York had and will always have a spot in my heart... with its busy streets, posh cafees, steakhouses, taxis, subway, food trucks, overcrowded parks..... there is just no other city like it in this world.  Though the major reason why this is a 2nd home to me is because of my friends living over here who are just grand. Unfortunately my time here comes to an end and I will move on to London on Wednesday before returning to Germany on the 25th.

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