Monday, July 30, 2012

That's a wrap Australia!

This country and continent is truly blessed with a stunning nature, laid-back people and I had a great time over here. Spent time with friends, meet tons of new people, saw stunning nature and was able to relax properly.
Unfortunately one overpowering impression is appearend about Australia: It is expensive, to expensive.
While I am officially 1 year unemployed I never really worried about money on this trip so far as the cost of living was quite cheap (sometimes even cheaper than living at home). Not so in Australia. Every day you spend about 30$ on food + an average of 60$ on transportation and accommodation.
That said you still won't have anything special other than toast, pasta and be living in a Campervan... if you then want to see special places (e.g. Fraser Island, Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, etc.) you easily spend another 150$ per day for organized tours. Which makes an average day on vacation in Australia around 100$ and you haven't lived it up with that. Well well, you only life once I guess, but certainly can say you enjoy life and traveling much more in South-America or South-East Asia if you are not particularly a millionaire :-)

I know that this sounds very whiny while I had a great time here, but I would go as far as recommending to not come here for now and wait till either the exchange rates will get better or prices here in Australia are slowing down as you will enjoy this place even more.
That said, I hope you enjoy the pictures from my Whale-watching trip and clear star nights. Next stop is Alaska, where I arrived just a couple of hours ago :-)

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