Monday, July 23, 2012

7 weeks in Australia or 1 year unemployed :-)

I had to look up my visa to figure how long I am actually in Australia by now as it seems quite a long time... well it has only been 7 weeks. I am saying only, because I meet tons of other travelers who spend one year or even longer on this continent and I can relate to why.

Though being unlucky with the weather throughout my trip here ( I guess it is the payback for the past 11 months where I have always been lucky ) the nature still "WOWs" me. Today I arrived at the northernmost point of my journey: Cooktown, where Lieutenant Cook, had to settle down for some days to fix his boat before returning to the "known world".

So far I traveled 5736 km all the way from Sydney along Coastlines, the "Hinterland" and Outback up to here and most my time I spent out in the nature with some great jungle hiking, chilling at beautiful beaches and spotting amazing wildlife.
Three of the highlights in the past two weeks were:
- Getting up for the sunrise and breakfast at Trinity Bay and after a workout at the beach I took a dip in the Ocean to cool off when I saw two Dolphins passing by about 150 meters away from me.
- In the middle of nowhere at Cape Tribulation a group of us found a crystal-clear waterhole which was just stunning and refreshing.
- Celebrating my "1 year unemployment".... and what a great year it has been! I guess I can honestly recommend anybody who ever had the wish to go away and see the world to do it... there is nothing to regret about it :-) You only life once and I promise you, you won't wish later in life that you have "worked more" :-)

P.S.: Don't ask me about the picture arranging, this blog tool is driving me crazy !!

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