Friday, February 17, 2012

Cambodia, the land of the short and slim, who want to be tall and fat...

Over the last couple of weeks routine has gotten into my Banlung life. So nothing drastically exciting so this blog-update will be short and sweet. My days by now exist of getting up early in the morning to go running or working out, going to school and helping out with all sorts of challenges people have, researching health-topics for several of our students, building the schools webpage (which is online now) and teaching English. Evenings then often are spent with teachers from the school or playing with my neighbors kids, etc.. So I guess you can say I settled in.

2 years ago
Also there is no day, that I am not getting told "you tall" or "I want fat like you" as everybody thinks I am a giant (in all dimensions I take it). Well and to be fair around here I might come across tall and big as the majority of people is rather short and slim. And while a comment along the line of "I want to be fat like you" is quite offensive in our world - here it is a compliment as people who are "proper" are considered to be healthy and rich. Well I consider myself to be in a shape I haven't been in easily 6-8 years so they should have seen me 2 years ago :-) all healthy and rich - *laugh*.



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