Friday, December 16, 2011

Venezuela un bonito pais....

So after 2 weeks in Venezuela I finally got to upload some pictures. After a week on the beach in Margaritha Island, the Angel Falls (highest Waterfall in the world) was up on the schedule and it was breathtaking - see for yourself !! After 2 days in the area the I went another 2 days to the Orinoco Delta (a Amazon like area) enjoying some good food a very relaxed lifestyle and got attacked by tons of mosquitos :-)... By now I am in Merida and the next stop is Coro... but for thonight - Salsa dancing is on the schedule :-)

P.S.: I got tons of comments on my "colorful" pants.... :-) Guys I didnt buy them as regular pants they are beach-pants but as every jungle-trip includes crossings of rivers that is the most practical outfit to go in - so have mercy ;-)

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