Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goodbye Venezuela - Hello Good old Germany

5 days ago I arrived after another 30 hour journey (at least this time not all spent in a single bus :-)) in Germany and it is great to be back home to see family and friend, to have some cold weather, eat German food and talk in your native language :-).
The last week in Venezuela was as the others before beautiful - Coro with its Sand-Dunes and Choroni with beautiful beaches were on the schedule after spending some time in Merida a adventure city in the venezuelian mountains (not really a great place to visit) but Coro and Choroni were definately worth a trip - have a look for yourself:
- One comment to the pictures - the snapshot of the gas-pump is real... Gas is heavily subsidised in Venezuela + Venezuela has plenty of oil so 26 liters of gas costs 0,58 US$ (no joke) on the official exchange-rate - if you would exchange on the illegal exchange it would actually be even less something like 0,33 US$ - a dream considering a liter gas in Germany costs 1,87 US$.

Btw. Merry belated Christmas to everybody out there and a Happy New Year - I am sure I will post again before leaving on to the 2nd leg of my travels and adventures: Asia - on the 8th of January I will be arriving in Cambodia to volunteer again for 3 months !!!

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