Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Is a beautiful country - and I have to admit I think I fell in love with it by now !! The people are welcoming and open, it is safe (contraer to what people usually think of Colombia), it has beautiful cities, stunning nature and great food.
After my days on the coffee finca I went to the party town Medellin, which has not much to offer other than stunningly beautiful women and parties until the morning (this is not a complaint - those two factors are fine with me :-)), so after a weekend of good parties I moved on to Cartagena, which is a beautiful colonial city and worth a trip to Colombia itself:

I wanted to dedicate this post entry also to a former co-worker of mine - Clayton Bell - who passed away yesterday caused by lung cancer. Clayton was a person never short of a smile, always helping and up for any fun or serious talk when you needed. The world lost a great person !! Rest in Peace Clayton !!


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  1. Hey Joe - it's been a while since I last checked out the blog - great to see that everything is going so well. Seeing your photos in South America, and me sat at my desk here in Singapore, it seems strange remembering (one of) your leaving parties in the basement of a London nightclub...! Such a different world left behind !

    It looks like you're getting the hang of your camera too :-) Some pretty cool low light shots in the latest bunch.

    Hope to see you in the new year. All the best, Matt