Thursday, October 13, 2011

The last time....

... in Quito. On Thursday I meet up with Natalie and Ben to encounter Quito and this time also with my SLR :-). Basically the first time I took the Camera on a trip outside gated areas like Casa Hogar de Jesus or other closed Events... and it went well I did not get mugged :-)

It was great to see some familiar faces again and have a flowing conversation in English. On Thursday we visited the "Virgin of Quito" a humongous "Statue of Liberty" like Statue and on the way back I started speaking German with Nat and Ben from time to time - do not ask me why !! For example when we got driven to town by a police officer as we could not get a taxi from the top of the Mountain where the Statue is, I spoke German while entering the car.
Then in the evening we took it relaxed and went for fruit-punch with sugar-cain-rum and fried bread in the old-town and we were lucky as we had some great musicians sitting right next to us singing latin-american songs. And to be honest, would they have started at the "X-Factor" they would have easily gone the whole nine yards !!

On Friday morning we then took on the Pululahua Vulcano (about 3800m) and in the afternoon the Equator Line - turns out - the Equator Line we visited was not the right one... but as nobody was around we could not find the proper "GPS" calculated Equator - who cares as long as taking the pictures was fun :-). As Nat and Ben moved on to the Galapagos Islands on Saturday morning, I visited Cotopaxi with one of my fellow volunteers which is a 5900m high vulcano close to Quito.
We got driven up to 4500m and than got to walk about 300 vertical meters, which took us about 1 hour as the air is so thin up there that you have to take a break about every 5 minutes to calm down your hear-beat and catch a breath... since this trip I got a different level of respect of professional climbers like Reinhold Messner who for example climbed up the Himelayas without oxygen support.
Saturday evening then was a worthy last night-out in Quito which ended at 5 a.m. in the morning and a little "borracho" how people say over here :-).
Enclosed some shots from Casa Hogar over here in Santo Domingo, from Quito and from the equator line... The Cotopaxi Pictures will follow in a different Blog Entry....

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