Monday, October 17, 2011

Cotopaxi pictures !

Hi everybody,

as promised enclosed the Cotopaxi pictures which I climbed up to about 4900 meters.
- First stop on 3830 meters to aclimitize
- Second stop parking spot up on 4500 meters
- Third stop Refugio on 4810 meters (we walked those 300 vertical meter difference in about an hour)
- fourth stop on about 4900 meters - those 100 meters took me about another 30 minutes. The air up there is really thin and your heart goes on 100% while you walk slowely.

The picture in the white Sweater is for my friend Markus K. in Shanghai - in memory of our Japan trip where we always had to take pictures that looked like the weather is nice and warm... well up on 4900m it is freezing cold :-)


  1. like the "warm-looking" picture :) nice job. We just returned from Kashgar at the Pakistan border. The border control point is on 4.700 meters - our 20 year old jeep also had some problems with the thin air up there.

  2. ps: you know which question I will aks looking at picture two. so please answer.