Monday, May 28, 2012


... is quite a change when you have been in Cambodia and Vietnam for the last 4 months :-). A superclean and sterile city, everything is very clean cut, traffic rules, hundreds of shopping malls, thousands of restaurants and Cafes, people dress to impress and you can get about anything you envision on this planet though for ridicoules prices.

So the first impression you have of the city is a bit emotionless but staying in town for 12 days allowed me to see a different side of Singapore and I have to say it got its flair with the local food markets, you get used to all its shopping malls and appreciate the convinience of them and it got quite a good night life :-). Even though Singaporians won`t like to hear this but it is like a small and clean version of HongKong :-).


P.S.: Sepp this one is for you ;-)

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